Engine building is far more than just grabbing parts from the shelf and assembling an engine! Addict Racing Engines has spent many hours looking for the best parts for your performance needs. When those parts were unavailable we decided to make them. If you cannot find the exact parts you are looking for we have probably found them, made them, or will make them!

Some of the current specialized parts we have can be found on our PERFORMANCE PARTS page. 

performance Parts

Addict Racing Engines offers many different services to fit your needs and budget. If you want to Drag Race, Desert Race, Trail Ride, or Smash through the dunes ,we have the performance upgrades you need. 

Tuning your CVT clutch is probably one of the most overlooked links in SXS performance!

ADDICT RACING ENGINES understands the importance of making the CVT clutch work on your SXS, be it stock or a fully built drag racer. Call us to schedule your clutch tuning session!

From Mild to Wild we can deliver on any level!

If you race in a series that has engine limitations, we have proven to be able to make the power you need to keep the EDGE on your competition while staying within the rules!

If you are just looking for the biggest baddest engine for any use we have you covered there as well!

We are always developing new products to drive you forward!

Clutch tuning

Engine BUilding